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Botanical Garden

Guided tours for private groups

Visit to the tropical houses during the guided tour

For larger groups please contact (; Tel.: 044 634 84 14 ), to discuss possibilities and conditions for visiting the tropical houses.


  1. General guided tour
  2. Tour through the garden and the show houses, background information on the history of the Botanic Garden, diversity of plants, rarities, nutritional specialists, carnivorous plants, news
  3. The world of medicinal plants, edible wild plants, useful plants and incense plants
  4. Tibetan medicine - the speciality of herbal blends
  5. Trees - their myths, biology and beauty
  6. Extremes in the plant kingdomWhat flowers come up with to be pollinated
  7. Plant diversity in the tropics

Special topics you will find here hier or can be offered on request


A guided tour lasts at least 60 to max. 90 minutes.

Group size
1 to 25 persons (larger groups are guided twice)



Monday to Friday 9.30-19.00 h: Fr. 250.-
Monday to Friday from 19 h: Fr. 350.-
Saturday and Sunday: Fr. 350.-

You will receive an invoice for payment after the tour.


Please use our  Online-Form. (in german only)

The registration period is:
3 weeks for guided tours Monday to Friday,
6 weeks for guided tours on a Saturday or Sunday.
The guided tour is only binding for the Botanic Garden once you have received our confirmation.

Cancellation conditions

The tour takes place in all weathers.

If you have to postpone your garden tour, please notify us immediately by phone or email (044 634 84 14 oder 079 656 48 66;

The following conditions apply to the cancellation of guided tours or in case of no-show:

  1. Cancellation is free of charge up to 7 days before the date.
  2. If you cancel the tour less than 7 but more than 3 days before the date, the cancellation fee is 50% of the price.If you cancel the tour less than 3 days before the date, the full price will be charged.
  3. If a group does not show up for the tour, the full price will also be charged.


Weiterführende Informationen

Führung im Schauhaus

Guides tour in the tropical house