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Botanical Garden

Shade terrace


A hidden path leads through a yew and boxwood forest. In high summer you can always find a cool spot here.
Native and foreign ferns, some the size of tree ferns, feel at home. Worth mentioning is the Nagelfluh wall, in the crevices of which yellow whitlow-grass (Draba aizoides), Rosy Cress (Arabis collina) and hare's ear hawkweed (Hieracium bupleuroides) cling.

Christa Gerber

Christa Gerber (gardener): "I'm always amazed at how great plants can be at adapting to new places away from home."

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Kirengeshoma palmata

Especially worth seeing

Shade terrace

Yellow wax bells (Kirengeshoma palmata): It is found in the mountain forests of Japan. Its flowers, but also its lush foliage, are remarkable. It belongs to the hydrangea family (Hydrangeaceae).

Eomecon chionantha

Especially worth seeing

Snow Poppy (Eomecon chionantha): A white poppy is unusual for us. Within the genus Eomecon, only this one species occurs, whose home is China.