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Botanical Garden

Behind the scenes

Hinter den Kulissen

In addition to caring for our plant collections, many hands are needed to keep everything running smoothly in the Botanic Garden:
The intermediate propagation of rare species of the Canton of Zurich requires special attention and patience, which Francesca Helfer has. At the moment 27 species are being propagated.
The database has to be fed with correct information and the seed exchange with other botanical gardens has to be organised, for which Nikola Repke is responsible.
The many green areas have to be cut regularly, the paths swept, the flyer boxes filled up and the display cases provided with announcements. Michael Leutwyler is responsible for this and Kurt Hofstetter for green space maintenance and composting.
The many potted plants that Markus Leibundgut looks after also need special care.
Accuracy is what counts in research. Rayko Jonas and Markus Meierhofer take care of the research greenhouses.
experiments, for example, on pollination successes with primroses or plant-insect interactions with turnip rape and treacle-mustard.

Francesca Helfer
Kurt Hofstetter

Francesca Helfer (gardener):

"My work with endangered wild plants is a welcome challenge that continuously teaches me many things."

  Kurt Hofstetter (gardener)
Nikola Repke
Michael Leutwyler

Nikola Repke (Gärtnerin):

"Preferably outside!"

  Michael Leutwyler (gardener):

"I like the versatility of my work; I'm on many paths, so to speak."

Rayko Jonas
Markus Meierhofer


Rayko Jonas (gardener):

"The diversity in the research greenhouses comes less from the plants and more from the tasks. Here we support student interns all the way to professors in their experiments.

  Markus Meierhofer (gardener)


Weiterführende Informationen

Michael Leutwyler

2810 metres of paths need to be swept

Gardener Michael Leutwyler sweeps the gravel path
with top-notch feeling.



Rare plants in the intermediate propagation project

Sword lily
Gladiolus palustris
It is now very rare, as it does not tolerate mowing and fertilisation.