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Botanical Garden

Useful plant garden


Best time to visit: April to November

Over 400 different useful plants await your visit!
This part of the garden was completely redesigned in 2019. The plants are displayed in raised beds framed by larch wood. Each bed has a different shape.
Thematic focuses are the history of useful plants from the pile dwellers to the present day as well as kitchens of the world. Plants grow that are used in Japan, Thailand, India, Ethiopia/Eritrea, Mexico or Mediterranean cuisine.
You will also find the most important staple food plants, dye plants, fibre, oil and aromatic plants. A visit is definitely worthwhile!

Elisabeth Schneeberger

Elisabeth Schneeberger (gardener):
"I am very proud of the huge variety of crops we can show here."

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Acmella oleracea

Worth seeing

Acmella oleracea
The leaves cause tingling and slight numbing in the mouth.

Zingiber miota

Worth seeing

Japanese ginger

Zingiber mioga

The young inflorescences are cut into thin slices and eaten raw or cooked with salads or vegetables.