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Botanical Garden

Tropical lowland rainforest - house


Our largest tropical house

Tropical lowland rainforests are the epitome of "green hell": hot, humid and stuffy. Due to the rapid growth, nowhere else is the struggle of plants for space, light and nutrients so impressively visible. A walk-through Shorea tree allows a glimpse into the canopy of our plants. Known and unknown tropical crops compete for space.
At 16 metres high, it is the tallest of the three houses. The humidity is around 90 percent and the temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius in summer and winter.


René Gerber

René Gerber (gardener):
"Again and again our cocoa plants bear fruit - we have already been able to make chocolate from them!"


Roman Näf
Roman Naef (gardener):
He helps out in all three show houses. "Art - Species - Garden!"


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Monstera deliciosa

Worht seeing

Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa)

In tropical countries, the fruit stem is eaten. It tastes like banana and pineapple.